Thursday, December 12, 2013

Progressing Right Along

Tonight is our final class for adoption. Next comes home study, then matching, "getting to know each other," then final placement.

We are 111 days into the process. 111 days since we attended the seminar to give us information on how to begin the process. 111 days closer to bringing our child(ren) home.

We found out a few days ago that we're going to have to move. Our landlords want to move back into the house, so come January, we have to begin the search so that we have somewhere to move to in March. This is a blessing in disguise. We had hoped to be able to stay put for awhile. God is funny, though. Shortly before we received the "you will have to move" phone call, I had been looking around our house, wondering where on earth we would put another child or children. Two days later, we received the phone call, informing us that we would need to move. Prior to that, of all things, I ran into a stranger in the restroom of a doctors office in Orlando. I felt compelled to strike up conversation with her, and discovered she was a foster mom. I asked her advice on if she had any questions to ask the foster mom and caseworkers of the child(ren) we adopt. She asked what county we lived in...I told her Brevard. She asked what age range, and I told her 6-10, and mentioned that we are open to possible siblings. She proceeded to tell me about a sibling group that has been on our hearts for months now, how she actually knew them, etc. That meeting was a one in a million odds chance. I had gotten lost twice on the way to the office, as well as had a car problem. I was 15 minutes late getting there. They called us right back, and within 20 minutes, we were leaving. I had to use the restroom, and that's where the whole thing started. IF I hadn't had car issues, IF I hadn't gotten lost, IF I had gotten there on time, that meeting would never have happened. What I thought was Satan causing problems, I now believe it was God orchestrating that meeting. Whether or not it's meant for us to adopt that particular set of siblings, or if God has someone else in mind...the orchestration of events has further confirmed that we are making the right decision with adopting. Now, pray that God provides us with a van. I believe in praying for specifics. So, we are praying for a used Toyota Sienna, under $8,000, in good condition.