Saturday, July 27, 2013

Organize. It might as well be a four letter word. Deep down, I am a very organized person. I would love to add another bookcase and get books off of the floor, out of the closet, out of boxes. I would love to have cute little baskets to hold stuff. I have some dust collectors decorative items for shelves that I want to be able to display, while I have others that I want to pass on to someone else. I think what I need to do is have a yard Saturday...while I'm motivated to pass on some of our junk beautiful decorative items onto unsuspecting souls discerning consumers. After the last yard sale, I said I would NEVER do another one. Chris told me suggested that, perhaps, I put too much work into making sure everything was marked. If it's marked with a price, then I don't have to deal with people asking me how much something is. But, perhaps he is right. I should just put it out there with a sign at the street corner, and come up with an answer when asked. So, that being said, we are going to have a yard sale next Saturday. Don't worry, I promise not to sell you any junk anything you wouldn't love own for yourself!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just read a post on a home school fb page. The mom wanted advice on how to plan and prepare 3 healthy meals a day while struggling to maintain reading and playtime with her preschoolers (ages 1 & 4).

Here's her question: "I make homemade granola, eggs, grind our wheat for pancakes for breakfast, make green smoothies etc...but it's so hard to know how much time to spend in the kitchen. In the middle of busy home school days, what do you cook/make for lunch and dinner? We don't eat processed deli meats, so the only sandwiches I make are peanut butter. My children are still little (1 and 4), but I feel like I'm taking (myself) away from playtime and reading time with them because I'm in the kitchen...either prepping or washing, etc. All necessary parts of life! But how in the world do you balance them all...getting healthy meals and school/play time?"  

And another post: "We only eat organic whole foods and grind our own wheat as well." 

For a minute I felt guilty. Breakfast is whatever you can find in the pantry. Lunch is either a frozen pizza, pb sandwiches, ham & cheese (if I have ham), or crackers with pb or cheese. Now, they do have fruit with it. I plan dinner most nights, but it's typically a last-minute plan (4:00 / 4:30 plan). Anyway, I digress. I felt guilty at first. Then I realized - I have nothing to feel guilty about. My kids have clean clothes. They eat - not always the healthiest stuff, but they have food. They're loved. I don't have to be "supermom" and grow all my own food (that would be nice, though, and something I would love to do someday). I don't have to grind the wheat that I plucked from my fields that I plowed myself. I don't have time to make pancakes with that freshly ground wheat, milk fresh from the cow in the backyard, and eggs from the chickens that are nesting on the side of the house. And that's okay.