Saturday, October 5, 2013

Life and other stuff

Well, the first class for adoption took place this week. That was the good part of the week. It was very informative, designed to throw the scary stuff at you.

Sabrina goes on Friday to get the first "appliance" put in for her orthodontic work. I'll be getting the mold of her teeth, so will share a picture. Things like that (molds of teeth, xrays, etc.) always interest me. Maybe I'm just weird.

In other news, the government has shut down. Chris is home from work until ??? No work = no pay. We're waiting to hear if Senate will approve back-pay for federal employees once the shutdown is over. No clue what's going to go on with that. I'm not holding my breath for good news, though. The problem is, the government is so wrapped up in all the bickering that they really just don't care. People are all "Oh, you are just getting a paid vacation." No, vacations are supposed to be fun. This is not fun. We budget for bills, groceries, etc. Try to put some in savings, though our car seems to sense when we reach a particular amount in savings, and decides to have some sort of malfunction that results in all but a tiny amount taken out. That emergency fund never gets very big. Once the check gets taken away, it throws everything off. Meanwhile, Chris is looking for part-time work. Part-time, because if the government opens back up, he could be back at his regular job come Monday. Again, I'm not holding my breath.

I leave you now with some awesome pictures of grammar gone horribly awry.

Hey, Doo Doo! Pick up your dogs!
Perhaps you need someone to preview your posts?
A song we are learning for school - avoiding double negatives in a clause makes us happy!
I have no words, really. This is just painful.

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