Saturday, August 24, 2013

Growing the family

Once upon a time, there was a Prince and a Princess. They met, fell in love, and married. Not too terribly long after that, this Prince and Princess welcomed their own little Princess, followed soon after by a young Prince. Many years later, when the little Princess and young Prince were "big kids," the Prince and Princess pondered about adopting and adding to their family. They always knew that they would adopt someday, and now they were wondering if it were the right time. The little Princess and young Prince approached their parents and said "Mother, Father, we have been talking about this rationally, and we would like you to consider adopting a brother or sister for us." Well, maybe that's not exactly how they said it. There was, in fact, a ritualistic sort of chant..."We wanna adopt! We wanna adopt! We wanna adopt!" The little Princess said "I want a little sister!" The young Prince said "I want a little brother!" They discussed argued for several moments, before stating "Let's adopt twins! One of each! Yay!!!" After that announcement, the ritualistic chanting began again, only this time it was "We're adopting twins! We're adopting twins!" The Prince and Princess wondered when, exactly, did they lose control over this conversation? Several weeks later, the Prince and Princess handed over a sheet of paper that read "We would like to initiate the process to adopt." Now we wait...and see what the future holds for the young family.

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