Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Stuff

Well, all of our adoption paperwork has been signed off on and APPROVED! This means that we can now actively start seeking the newest addition to our family. The agency is also looking through their files to find a child (or children) who meet our "criteria." It sounds weird to phrase it like that. We don't know how long it will take, but the process has begun.

James has learned to swim! After having swim lessons twice, and not succeeding, we tried again this summer. Well, it's true what they say - 3rd time's the charm! 
While we aren't going to the pool every day, we are going a lot more frequently than we had been. You can see that both of the kids love jumping in the pool. I'm not ready to turn James loose on the diving board yet. You have to have a green band (he's not quite test ready for that). Sabrina, on the other hand, has been swimming for several years now, and loves nothing more than jumping off the board!

Sabrina took a couple of pottery classes this summer. She absolutely loved it! She and I are going to sign up for a class together at some point. Here is one of her projects:
One of our goals as a family is to get healthier. We joined the YMCA, and go multiple times a week. I've given up sodas (again), but am now motivated to continue with it. Due to regular exercise and no sodas / healthier diet, I've dropped 10 lbs. in 2 weeks. I went cold turkey on the soda nearly a month ago now. Still have days (the past 2) that the temptation is so great to have another one...then I get on the scale, smile, and grab my water bottle, or my new favorite - green smoothies, homemade, loaded with a lot of green veggies and some fruit. They make a great breakfast and lunch.

Chris and the kids are all taking Karate! I spend my time in the workout area, alternating my days between weights and the treadmill. My personal goal is set...I am going to run a 5K in November. To do so, obviously, I need to work on my running! 
I am working on it, though. My time is getting better. The first day took me over 75 minutes. I'm still pushing it, though. I'm nowhere near in good enough shape to run. My best time is an alternate walk / jog effort. One of my cousins likes to run for fun (she's a 5K / 1/2 marathon junkie...I swear she gets high off of it), and she's very encouraging. Who knows? Maybe we can meet up sometime and do a 5K together. Haven't seen her in years, so this would be a fun way to reconnect somewhere other than Facebook.

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