Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why I Don't Do Yard Sales

After the past two days, I remember why, exactly, I don't like having yard sales. The getting up early to put everything out is one of those reasons. Even though the signs and Craigslist say 7:00, you know people drive by earlier than that. So, I was out by 6:15 yesterday and today. I love like barely tolerate that hour of the morning. But, I was determined, so up and out I went. Another reason I dislike them is the heat and humidity. This may sound vain, but I don't like to sweat, and being out in the humidity makes my hair look like a giant poof ball. Thank goodness for scrunchies. Yesterday was alright. People started coming by around 6:45. Today, nobody showed up until after 8:00. If I had slept in an extra hour, though, someone would have been at the door wondering why all the stuff wasn't out. All in all, I think we had 10 people stop by today. But it was just a couple of people at a time, with a long (30-40 minute) wait in between. All of that being said, if I say anything about a yard sale, and it's in reference to me having one rather than me buying things from one, please stop me. It's not worth it. Today it did cover what the kids earned in their jobs the past two weeks, plus leave a little extra, but all the leftovers are now going to the thrift store.

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